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Membership gives:

  • Full access to all our online meetings and workshops
  • Full access to our unrivalled online library of Scottish fiddle tune recordings and sheet music 
  • The chance to apply for support from our MSFC member music sponsorships program, which is being adapted to suit the new online environment - details issued soon of what you can apply for
  • Performance opportunities with free or performer-discount tickets for some amazing festivals
  • So many opportunities to learn (and/or teach) tunes, harmonies, bowing techniques  
  • Member tours and trips 
  • The chance to be on our next CD! 
But being a member of MSFC is not only about playing Scottish music - it's so much more than that.  You're joining a warm, welcoming, supportive and inclusive community of all ages and abilities.  We often joke that the 'F' in MSFC stands not just for fiddle, but also for friendship, fun, and often, fantastic food!        

Try out a  monthly meeting or two before becoming a member!  Your first meeting is free; after that, casual attendance is just  $10 - and, if you join, your casual $10 payments for two meetings will be refunded.

We have one core meeting per month, currently meeting face to face and also sharing the meeting on Zoom, from 2pm - 5pm on the 3rd Sunday of the month, from February to November.  The date. time, length and venue do occasionally vary, so if it's your first time, please email us to confirm the meeting is when and where you'd expect, before you come along!

There are just two steps to join:
1. Complete and submit our Membership Application Form. We'll get in touch shortly after. 

2.  Once your membership is accepted, pay the appropriate membership fee. You can pay by credit card, or bank transfer. 

Current rates are on the links below.

We will get back to you with your member login details as quickly as we can, generally in under a week. 

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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