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Now that we have passed our 25th anniversary and stronger than ever, the Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club explores the lively sounds of Scottish music, with repertoire that both acknowledges and reinvents traditional roots, drawing enthusiastic and loyal crowds.  Regularly collaborating with some of the world’s best traditional musicians, the Melbourne Scottish Fiddlers deliver a charming and exhilarating show.

Musicians from 8 to 80 play together in our monthly gatherings, sessions and performances, and have recorded 7 CDs, with two of our CDs, “Gates of Gold” (2008) and “Of an Island” (2012), winning several awards.   Our latest CD is called Sea to Sky. and in 2021 we also put out a special compliation to celebrate our anniversary "25 UP"
The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club performs in many festivals around Australia. 

We have undertaken successful major tours including a 2 week tour of New Zealand in 2005, 10 day tours of Tasmania in 2008 and regional New South Wales in 2010 and a mini-tour of Western Victoria  in 2012.  Our last tour was the biggest ever: 18 days around Scotland, including Shetland, during September/October 2015. Overseas tours have been halted in recent years but we are keen to get the show back on the road.

The group collaborates regularly with some of the world’s best traditional musicians, such as American-based Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Chris Stout, Ross Couper and Catriona McKay from the Shetland Islands, Adam Sutherland from Scotland, as well as home-grown heroes such as Chris Duncan, Catherine Strutt, Chris Stone and Catherine Fraser.

The Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club always gives a lively and captivating performance, with a heart-warming mix of the traditional and the contemporary, of songs and of tunes, that will bring a smile to the lips and perhaps a tear to the eye of anyone who can trace a link back to Scotland, to Shetland or even to Nova Scotia.

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