Join Us!

MSFC has something on most weeks, both in person and online options, to keep you connected with music and a great community.

You can join us  either as a member

Meet up for our regular Sunday monthly meetings. 

We'll be teaching tunes, breaking out into groups, coming back together for some session playing, and even sharing our afternoon tea online together so there's time to meet and greet all your old friends, and make some new ones.


  • Peer-led tune share sessions 
  • Pretty tunes sessions  
  • Shared repertoire session with Adelaide Scottish Fiddle Club 
  • Other  sessions  - explore other styles that are influencing contemporary Scottish Fiddle music  

Workshops with Australian and international master fiddlers, 
some of the best Scottish fiddle teachers in the world, many of whom we seldom see in Melbourne - watch the calendar for the next one!

So, bring along your fiddle, your enthusiasm for Scottish music and your favourite snack, and join us one Sunday afternoon or weekday evening, soon.

How much experience do I need?
We're often asked this one.  Well, we don't audition - so anyone who can play a basic tune is welcome to come along and see how you go - you'll be the best judge of whether it suits you or not! 

I don't play the fiddle but I do play Scottish music; can I come?
Ooh - a little bit harder.  

So - we have what we call 'core' and 'non-core' instruments.  Obviously, since we are the Melbourne Scottish Fiddlers, we are predominantly fiddle-focussed and the fiddle is a core instrument, but we also have a rhythm section comprising of other  instruments - cellists, harpists, a bass player or two, a keyboard player, and a variety of other players and instruments from time to time. 

While the core instrument in our club is, of course, the fiddle, we welcome players of other instruments traditionally connected with the Scottish fiddle in performance – cello, viola, harp – and consider these also to be core instruments.  All other instruments are considered non-core. Non-core instrument players sometimes play along with us, most often this is if the player is part of a member family group which includes a fiddle player, or else by invitation.  Basically, if you're a non-core instrument player but you'd like to join in sometimes, email us and have a chat!



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