The Evergreen Ensemble : Curious by Nature @Mungo Park

The Evergreen Ensemble : Curious by Nature @Mungo Park
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Posted By: Jack Wilson
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Date Posted: Sun, 15 Sep 2019

Shane Lestideau and team  are excited to bring their next exquisite production to you, here at Mungo Park!

Hi all

We are back from our 2 months of travels, touring with our show to the Edinburgh Fringe and then to Samoa, and keen now to bring your more great music to Mungo Park.

While away we saw some fantastic shows and great musicians, but have to report that of all the marvellous music we've seen this year, some of the most inspiring has been by Shane Lestideau and her Evergreen Ensemble - both earlier in the year at Daylesford Convent and over Easter at the National Folk Festival, where Shane was Folk Fellow of the Year. She brings together worlds best musicians to present beautiful music from the space between folk and baroque.

Trained in Sydney and with 10 years professional playing in France and across Europe, Shane is the embodiment of musical virtuosity and curiosity.  Read about her unique journey here

Join us on 13 October for the concert of the year and an afternoon tea to match - dress up in your finery and make it a classy afternoon in the Great Hall of the People!

Bookings as ever are at TryBooking - book during September to take advantage of our Earlybird discounts :
Adult - Book in September for earlybird, $25; Book in October $30 
Concession - Book in September $25; Book in October $20

Seeyou there for a wonderful afternoon!

Judy and Neil