Sirocha Bruckard

Past president MSFC 2011 - 2015

"I had the privilege of being the MSFC President from the end of 2011 to the end of 2015.  However, I really only felt like I handed over the last of the reigns once we’d successfully launched our sixth album, Homecoming, in April 2016 at Hawthorn Town Hall.  It seemed only fitting that my presidency was bookended by two albums (with Of an Island launched in 2012).

"But by far the highlight for me was the overseas trip to Scotland.  It had been raised in the past and dismissed, with mutterings of “It would be like bringing coal to Newcastle...wouldn’t it?” but we kept returning to this idea.  Could we do it?  Was it too crazy?  Well, it turns out it was but it was the right level of crazy and chaos.

"After a monumental fundraising and organisational effort by a large group of people (too many to name individually), we were off!  Forty-five musicians travelled by bus, train, ferry and plane, for 18 days from Glasgow to Ullapool, Shetland to Dufftown, Dunkeld, Inverness, Edinburgh and Selkirk.  We performed 11 gigs, 1 ceilidh, participated in 10 workshops, and countless late night sessions, consumed an appropriate amount of whisky and forged many friendships.  Long live the MSFC!"
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