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In great news for fiddlers and lovers of traditional music across Australia, Stringmania is back for a second year in 2017.  Renowned duo Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas have teamed up with the (famous) Melbourne Scottish Fiddlers – to continue the camp 1-8 October 2017 – an exciting celebration of community.

The camp draws together the various streams of Scottish derived fiddling in Australia.  Stringmania is a meeting point for musicians who are passionate about fiddle music. Like its American progenitor (Valley of the Moon), the camp will provide a total immersion experience, with participants and instructors living, learning, jamming and playing together in community.

All ages and musical abilities are welcome, as Stringmania is a village, not a school! Come and choose your own adventure, as it’s not a prescriptive course. Bring your questions, needs, strengths, fears and hopes to camp. You’ll be surrounded by other eager and passionate musicians, all seeking out their own answers, and supporting you to find yours.

Stringmania! will be brought to life by a committee of dedicated volunteers, led by Judy Turner (MSFC Founder and Director 1995-2011) and Sirocha Bruckard (MSFC Immediate Past President).

Stringmania 2017 poster